[How to make ginger storm ducks]_How to do_How to fry

[How to make ginger storm ducks]_How to do_How to fry

Ginger Duck is a relatively famous Sichuan dish. It belongs to a scale with local characteristics. Ginger Duck is popular with many people. The main ingredients are duck and tender ginger. After adding some auxiliary ingredients and frying together, the taste is particularly delicious., The fresh spicy of ginger and duck meat are mixed together, and some people have an open stomach, especially those who like to drink alcohol prefer to use ginger exploded duck to finish the appetizer. When making ginger exploded duck, fresh ginger must be used.

Method 1 Ingredients: Duck, ginger Preparation steps: first chop the duck into pieces, then wash it well and control the water for later use.

Boil half a pot of water, pour the duck meat after the water has boiled, and boil the blood in the meat.

Remove it and place in a bowl.

Prepare the ingredients. Ginger ginger should be a bit more. The focus of this dish is here. Cut the ginger into slices and peel the garlic seeds. Prickly ash, fragrant leaves, star anise are washed with water, put on a plate, and dried.Wash the peppers and place them on a plate.

Heat 70% of the pot, put in an appropriate amount of peanut oil, put all the ingredients down, and fry over low heat.

Then put the duck down and stir fry for two minutes.

Add the right amount of salt, a few grains of rock sugar, add a small amount of cooking wine, and continue frying a few times.

Add a small dish of soy sauce and stir fry a few times, shovel in the pressure cooker, add a bowl of water, cover the lid and simmer for ten minutes.

When the time is up, don’t rush to open it. Let the water vapor inside be depressurized for another two minutes. Then open the lid, pour the duck into a plate, and serve on the table.

It tastes great.

Ingredients for Practice 2: Duck and Ginger Production steps: 1.

Wash the fresh ducks and place them in pots.

Add a lot of cooking wine and soak for half an hour.

The role of cooking wine is to remove the fishy smell and let the spices in the cooking wine taste.

This step is very important. There is a big difference in taste between not doing this step and doing it.

Ducks soaked in cooking wine have no fishy smell and taste more fragrant.

Boil a pot of water, pour in the duck meat, continue to cook for 2 minutes on high heat, filter out some duck oil and dirty foam, remove the duck meat, and the duck meat is much cleaner now.


Also remember to do this step, after which the duck meat will be more clean and delicious.

Heat the oil into the pan.

Add duck meat.

Then stir fry the duck.

Copy until the duck is golden and crisp.

This step can be based on personal preferences: if you like to eat less fatty ducks, stir fry for a while, and explode the duck oil, the duck will be crispy and not greasy; if you like to eat the tender ducks: noThe stir-fry has been done, just moderately, the duck meat will be tender and not so dry.

The last step was stir-fried duck, because the duck is half-cooked and requires a little more time.

The ginger is cooked quickly and quickly, and the ginger is not fragrant after cooking for a long time, so the ginger is added later.


Pour in shredded ginger.

At the same time, pour some green onion, red and green beauty pepper, a small amount of ginger, and a small amount of pepper.

Stir fry ginger and sea pepper and duck.

Prepare one sweet pepper, one green pepper, and a small amount of chives.

Cut the bell peppers, green peppers, and chives into a pan.

Add the right amount of soy sauce, salt, and some cooking wine.

Add a small spoon of spicy sauce.

Add a small spoon of white sugar for freshness.

Continue to stir-fry the duck from the previous step.

After a while, you can start serving plates. It is better to eat hot.