[Is genital wart contagious?]Genital wart

[Is genital wart contagious?]Genital wart

Speaking of condyloma acuminata, many people in life don’t know about it, because it is a sexually transmitted disease, and it mainly occurs between people who have more sexual intercourse. Studies have found that the incidence of condyloma acuminatum is increasingIt’s big.

This is mainly because genital warts are highly contagious, and there are many ways to transmit them, and at the same time they can be transmitted through sexual intercourse.

Now let ‘s take a look at how genital warts spread.

A small number of genital warts are infected by contact with contaminated appliances: they have been in contact with items that are contaminated with patient secretions.

Indirect object infection: can be transmitted through daily necessities such as underwear, bath tub, and bath towels.

If a woman wears nylon underwear and does not pay attention to cleaning the vulva, mold or trichomonas vaginitis occurs, or there is an increase in leucorrhoea caused by other infections, the local overlap, and the entanglement is the implantation and growth of the papilloma virus.Reproduction provides favorable conditions.

Scratching the genitals with a contaminated hand or using a contaminated towel can also cause the transmission of condyloma acuminatum.

Autogenous infections of condyloma acuminatum: Patients who have clinically found complications of genital or anal condyloma acuminatum, because their hands often contact the condyloma acuminatum on their hands or by hand to the skin and mucous membranes of other parts of the body.

Direct contact infection: This is the main route of transmission of genital warts.

When intercourse with a patient with condyloma acuminatum, the warts growing on the external genital area are exogenous and accompanied by brittleness, so the surface is easy to scrape, and the viruses in the turtle body and the epidermal tissue are replaced by sexual mating.On the genitals, it causes human papillomavirus infection and causes disease.

Therefore, condyloma acuminata is prone to occur in people with more sexual intercourse.

After reading the above description, it is precisely because the virus that causes genital warts can be transmitted not only through direct sexual contact, but also through indirect object contact.

So this tells us that not only do we not have sexual contact with the sick opposite sex, but also need to distinguish between personal bath products in the life process.