Thin man fattening recipe introduction

Thin man fattening recipe introduction

Obesity is hard to say for many people, but for some people, being too thin has become a big invasion.

The appearance looks like a weak and unbearable wind, giving a feeling of weakness and smallness.

Therefore, fattening has become an important goal for them, then how to increase fat.

Here is a look at the thin man fattening recipe!

  In the morning: two eggs in a bowl, put 5 teaspoons of sugar, and take it with boiling water.

Then you can eat buns, and you can eat fried dough sticks. You can’t eat them.

  Noon: Lunch at 11:30, beer + rice, as long as you have three dishes, drink a bottle of high calcium milk after eating.

Go to bed for at least 2 hours during lunch break.

  Afternoon: Eat dinner at 5:30, pasta or powder, and eat too.

After watching TV or watching movies, I will start eating halogen products + beer at 7 o’clock and continue watching TV after eating.

  Evening: cook eggs at 11 o’clock, 2-3.

Cook for 10 minutes, eat two or three eggs, eat a few chocolate biscuits, and eat with a bottle of high calcium milk.

  Through the above thin diet recipes, we can effectively achieve the purpose of fattening.

I believe that the majority of “skinny” can also be solved, so that more confidence, confidence can live better, in order to create greater success.

In order to gain weight, you must also choose a recipe for science!