Skinny Beauty Welcomes Christmas Waist Speed 5cm Tips

Skinny Beauty Welcomes Christmas Waist Speed 5cm Tips

Christmas is coming, are you still upset about your bucket waist, do you not want to go to the party on Christmas Day and you can only feel uncomfortable by being alone.

Today, I will refer to the thin waist secret of the waistline of the netizen, let you be a Christmas beauty.

  My diet: Breakfast: I always think that how much I eat in the morning will be consumed, and I am what my mother does, what I eat, there is no right to decide, hehe 🙂 So, in the morning, I usually have a cup of milk.Mengniu is full-fat, and the family drinks these two pieces of bread (usually peach and holly, sometimes whole wheat sometimes corn), plus some side dishes, sometimes the cooking that mom is doing in the morning, sometimesPickles or something.

Occasionally I will eat a fruit, usually a banana.

Ever since I told a pro to tell me that milk and bananas are easy to get fat, I have never dared to eat them again. I don’t know what it is. I haven’t found any relevant evidence. The pros know what to tell me. Lunch: My unit is very close to home.Nearly, generally walk 3?
5 minutes is up, so my lunch is to go home to eat, my mother will give me a good meal, I usually try to eat less staple food, eat more, but the dishes are also relatively oily, such as potatoes stewed eggplant, chicken stewed mushrooms, what?

Because my dinner is very control, I usually let myself be full at noon, so I won’t be hungry for dinner in the afternoon. When I start to lose weight, I will eat less staple food and more dishes.

  After I got used to it, I drank a cup of homemade yogurt (I made it with pure milk) and a fruit (small apple and small banana). My dinner is 200ml homemade yogurt, the body is very adapted and will not be hungry.
I usually sleep at 11 o’clock, and I am a little hungry before going to bed. It does not affect sleep movement. Everyone should have discovered it here. My diet is not strictly controlled. Basically, there is something to eat. Only dinner is strict.But I found that dinner has great significance for weight loss. If you control it well, your weight will give you a generous feedback. My exercise is treadmill exercise at 8 o’clock every day, first 10 minutes of brisk walking (6.


2km / h), then start jogging (8.

1km / h) 15 minutes, then fast-moving and jogging interspersed with the sport, can run and run, run away, a total of about 50 minutes.

The waist is covered with an infrared belt, the middle layer of the rubber is rubber; the calf will be wrapped around the plastic wrap, and every time the exercise is finished, the sweat will slip into the ground.

  Because the previous exercise was very poor, this amount of exercise is now more effective for me.

  Let me say a few more words here. Everyone needs to find their own “points”. As long as you break through your limits, it will have an effect on weight loss. Because people are lying still, there will be new city metabolism, let alone we are exercising!

Don’t be discouraged by running for yourself, we can’t run fast!

When I first started, I was able to stretch immediately after running. I had to stretch immediately, leg waist, leg press, and left and right waist, each for 10 minutes, especially stretching the calf for 10 minutes. How do you describe this action?

It is a large lunge, the heel of the hind leg can’t leave the ground, and the calf will feel good. This action is in place.

  Then I sat down and raised my calf to the thigh for a 90-degree massage. I stepped on the foot and massaged it. I pressed it until the flesh was soft, about 5 per leg.
7 minutes.

  For the outstanding waist line, I will do 3 groups every day before going to bed, each group of 20 sit-ups, slow.

  Will I have a vertical leg 30 before going to bed?
60 minutes, look at the book time is very fast, maybe the pro will find that I don’t have much training for the waist, I have already read a saying: local weight loss is an ideal, the effect is minimal, only the whole body is thin, whereWill be thin!

  Unless a lot of muscle local exercise can practice the muscle blocks that our girls are most afraid of, aerobic exercise is the key to body thinning.

However, the local exercise after aerobic exercise will have a good effect, because the body is still burning, so I chose to add stretching lines and sit-ups after aerobic exercise.

  Dear, these are all the methods that I can think of now, maybe not at all.

But I think this is the most common method, the easiest to stick to, because everyone’s living environment is different, the less demand, the easier it is to implement!

If I think of something, I will update it!

  For those who don’t have a treadmill, now the sky is warm, you can go to the skateboard to run or go away.

  I firmly believe that dieting and exercise are the king of slimming!

  Confidence and perseverance are the only way to success!