Wine can also cure anemia in women with anemia

Wine can also cure anemia in women with anemia

Wine can also cure blood deficiency female blood deficiency recommended 5 wines are said that women are made of water, it is really for women, blood is rich is very important!

How to do blood deficiency, the state of blood deficiency will affect normal life and things, and how does blood deficiency work?

For us, wine is like a kind of indulgent drink. Although some wines are effective, they are used less.

However, if it is used for a long time, it can also subsidize women’s blood.

Blood deficiency is a symptom of a large department of women, so how does a woman’s blood deficiency make up blood?

You can try the following wines to help fund the treatment of blood deficiency.


Ejiao Ejiao is one of the first choices for women to supplement blood. In response, it is made into gelatin wine, which also has a good blood-supplying effect.

How to make gelatin wine?

Come and see.

  Need 60 grams of red glutinous rice, 20 grams of donkey-hide gelatin, 40 grams of honey, rice wine 15?
20 ml.

After adding red rice to the porridge with appropriate amount of water, add gelatin honey and rice wine and mix well. Take a warm time to eat, you can subsidize women’s blood and treat blood deficiency.

  Usage: 3 times a day, 10 days for a course of treatment.


Shouwu longan wine longan is also one of the foods for women to supplement blood, adding Shouwu and rice wine, the effect of blood supplement will be better.

First, you need 250 grams of longan meat and Shouwu and spatholobus, and 1500 ml of rice wine.

You can place the longan meat, Shouwu and spatholobus wine for 10 days. After soaking, remember to shake twice a day.

The practice of Shouwu longan wine is relatively simple, the main effect is for blood deficiency.

  Usage: May 15 each time?
30 grams, each time involved in the morning and evening.


Is the meat skin yellow wine a shock to see the skin?

In reality, the taste of the meat is great.

The material needs pork skin 60?
90 grams, the right amount of rice wine will do.

Put the pork skin in a saucepan, add water and rice wine, and cook until the pork skin is rotten.

This meaty yellow wine is mainly used for blood loss and blood deficiency.

  Usage: Add brown sugar to add food.


What is Huang Jing Liquor Huang Jing?

If it is not clear, you can go to the pharmacy to buy, as usual, the pharmacy will sell.

Huang Jing Liquor, the most important material is Huang Jing and medlar, each requiring 13 grams.

Practice is ultra-simple, you can take it with soaked in wine.

For wine, it is more suitable to use rice wine as usual.

The effect is to replenish qi and blood.

  Usage: Accept 2 times a day, and accept it as appropriate.


Mussel wine mussel wine is a little bit more difficult than other wines, raw materials and practices.
First, you need 60 grams of mussels, 25 grams of leeks, 100 grams of pork ribs, and moderate amount of white wine.

First, the mussels are washed and cleaned, soaked in wine to make the mussels swell, and the leeks are washed and cut into sections, and the ribs are washed and cut into pieces.
Put the mussels, ribs and leeks into the bowl and steam them.

The actual practice is also very simple and not poor.

The effect of mussel wine is to treat blood deficiency and improve the blood circulation of the human body.

  Usage: At the time of eating, you can temporarily like your own, and add some seasonings.