To lose weight, look at the eight principles of eating obesity

To lose weight, look at the eight principles of eating obesity


After chewing, eat it carefully and chew it more than 30 times per mouth.

The longer you chew, the higher the energy consumption after a meal.


If you take the time to eat slowly, if it does not exceed 20 minutes, the brain will not give a signal of satiety.

So eat leisurely.


Turning off the TV while eating, “working while doing things” is one of the reasons for overeating.

Retirement time should be devoted to eating.

Have a good time chatting with family and friends.


Immediately after the meal, you need to change your mood.

It’s important not to keep food in front of you.


Three meals a day, regular eating of a regular diet, can reduce physical fitness.

Avoid lengthening the time between meals and eating late at night.


Don’t accompany others to eat. If the family’s rest time is different, staying with them will easily eat more meals.

Please take out your willpower!


The place where the meal is limited is limited to “just place and eat snacks in the living room.”

As a result, the snacks that are usually inadvertently eaten will be reduced a lot.


The remaining leftovers are the culprit of the housewife’s blessings, especially when they go out. When there are a lot of dishes, remember to take courage and leave the leftovers.

It is the worst case to stuff the leftovers into the stomach.