Love is like a lamp

Love is like a lamp

Love is a lamp that illuminates others and warms themselves.

A person who holds a love on the road will be in love all his life.

  Love is a very voucher of life emotions, like flowers, open, beautiful others, and they are also fruitful, why should they be hidden in the heart?

  George was a marketer for an insurance company in Washington. Once he bought flowers for his girlfriend and met the owner of a flower shop, Ben.

Just knowing that he only bought two flowers in this flower shop.

  Later, he was inexplicably charged with defrauding the criminal prison for paying for insurance for the client. He had to sit for 10 years.

After hearing this news, my girlfriend left him.

  10 years is too long, George is used to a warm, passionate life, I do not know how to spend a long time without love and can not see the bright days, he has no confidence in himself.

  George had a depressed first month in prison. He was almost crazy. At this time, someone came to see him.

He didn’t have a relative in Washington. He couldn’t think of anyone who didn’t remember him.

  In the meeting room, he couldn’t help but smash it. It turned out to be the owner of the flower shop.

Ben gave him a bunch of flowers.

  Although it was just a bunch of flowers, it brought life to George’s prison life and made him see the hope of life.

He began to study a lot in prison and delved into electronic science.

  Six years later, he was released, first worked as a computer company, and soon opened a software company. Two years later, he was worth more than 100 million.

  George, who became a rich man, went to visit Ben, but he knew that he had gone bankrupt two years ago. The family fell into poverty and his family moved to the countryside.

  George took the family back, bought him a building, and left a position in the company.

George said that it is your annual bouquet, which makes me love the world of love and warmth, giving me the courage to overcome bad luck, no matter what I do for you, I can’t refund the help you gave me that year, I want to be in your name.Donate a sum of money to North American institutions, so that all the unfortunate people in the world are aware of your great love.

  Later, George really donated a large sum of money to set up the “Washington, this stranger love foundation.”

  Dedicating love and loving everyone is something that everyone can easily do.

In a word, a smile, a bunch of flowers is enough, this does not lose much for us, but it may help others out of the predicament, but also beautiful their life, why not?