Accelerate the most effective diet diet

Accelerate the most effective diet diet

The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, and a three-day holiday may be a visit to friends and relatives. How can you be fat?

Still lose weight quickly, restore your body.

So how do you lose weight to speed up the most effective?

Next, Xiaobian has collected quick tips for diet and weight loss, including diet drinks, slimming teas and diet meals. These methods have been tested by N users, and the response is very good.

Come and have a look together, and move towards the goal of losing a pound a day!

  Diet Weight Loss: The quickest effect of diet drinks is to promote systemic blood circulation and eliminate edema.

Drinking more water itself will promote the body’s new generation and speed up the effect of interrupting the discharge. The beverage will increase diuretic and qi ingredients, and improve the body while losing weight, so that the more you drink, the more thin the contract is healthy!

  1, secret orange juice, January thinning water snake waist material: 1 orange, 3 red dates, 1 spoon of yam powder.

  Production method: orange, red dates, yam powder, 100ml warm water can be used to drink.

How to use: 1 – 2 cups on the 1st, more than 6 cups in 1 week.

  Efficacy: oranges eliminate waist and belly oil, red dates promote blood circulation, yam powder can help rule out edema, for 10 consecutive days, can be thin 1 – 2 kg.

  2, swelling swollen fat tea, 1 month thin 8 kg production: senna leaves 4 – 6 tablets, grapefruit skin 3g, hawthorn 2, soaked in water, instead of tea instead.

  Opinion: This tea is suitable for students, white-collar workers and other sedentary families. It has a good function of abdomen and cellulite. Some netizens use it for 1 month and successfully lose 8 pounds of pure cockroaches.

  Different types of slimming tea: classified as follows: dieters recommend drinking – oolong tea edema people drink – 薏 茶 tea pressure caused by constipation drink – lotus leaf tea diet constipation drink – cassia tea rose gas drink – barley malt tea cellulite drink – lemonTea food to drink – Pu’er tea stomach to drink – rose tea clear fire detoxification – chrysanthemum tea greasy drink – dried tangerine tea meat drinker – hawthorn tea diuretic lipid-lowering acid tea diet weight loss: weight loss meal weight loss meal is a complete set of weight lossThe recipe covers all the foods that are imported 24 hours a day. The nutrition is well matched and the slimming effect is amazing.

Because the recipe can mainly use apples, tomatoes and other low-calorie fruits and vegetables instead of ordinary foods, sometimes it will cause the body to “protest”, showing that the dieters always feel “not enough.”

However, as long as you stick to it, there will always be obvious fitness effects.

Need to be reminded that diet is a fast and efficient way to lose weight, suitable for “blitz” to lose weight, from a health point of view is not recommended for long-term use.

  1, milk apple diet meal, January can be thin 15 pounds on the first day: only eat apples (a total of 2 kg, about 6) slowly stuttering.

  Day 2: Drink only milk or yogurt all day, a total of 1000 ml, 6 or 7 servings.

  Days 3 – 4: Return to normal diet.

  4 days is a cycle, adhere to 1 month.

  Remember: Apple breaks water on the day, basically reducing the body’s moisture. On the day of the milk, the water is reduced, and it will be reduced.

  2, tomato diet, two months thin 11 kg menu method: as long as you drink a cup of about 300cc of tomato juice before breakfast, lunch and dinner every day; eat eight full.

  Netizen personally tested: I have not persisted for two months, but there are always two weeks, and it will really become thinner.

No juicer?

Then eat tomatoes directly, eat one hour before lunch, direct tomato and cucumber for dinner, a little hard but the effect is really amazing!

  User comments: It is too difficult to persist, tried, and eats disgusting.

(Small series: weight loss is a price.) 3, pear weight loss method, monthly reduction of 10 pounds Method: Wash the pears with skin and eat raw, can increase the amount of fiber and obtain a variety of vitamins.

A crisp and juicy pear, the conversion is 50 calories.

Get up in the morning and drink a cup of salted water, then eat a pear and an egg. Lunch is eaten according to your own habits, but you can only eat 7 minutes.

Dinner consists mainly of vegetarian dishes and pears, then a bowl of vegetable soup.

  Opinion: Pears have a diuretic effect, and the effect of eliminating edema is amazing.

And whether you eat raw or boiled water, you can stop cough and lungs, which is best for the dry season!

  4, sedentary diet breakfast, month thin ten pounds breakfast: banana plus soy milk; lunch: vegetables plus rice half bowl plus apple; dinner: a cup of oatmeal (appropriately added milk) or porridge plus side dishes; half an hour before going to bed, a cup of yogurt,A small cup of red wine; all day: lotus leaves to drink tea, insist on eating at least one month the next day, 10 pounds is not a dream.

  Diet and weight loss: eating less, eating more, eating more meals is not a specific recipe, but a diet model that requires people to increase the number of meals from 3 times a day to 5-6 times a day, and the amount of food should be reduced accordingly.
After eating, people will have a short, short-term satisfaction. Eating less and eating more is to take advantage of this satisfaction. Eat only a little bit each time, hungry and eat a little bit. After a day, eat something in your mouth.It is much less than before, but it doesn’t feel very uncomfortable, nor does it cause hypoglycemia due to weight loss.

This kind of weight loss method is mild and effective, but it is safe and healthy. It is suitable for people who do not have the speed requirement for weight loss.

  Eat less and eat more standard recipes: 6 to 9: best choice of eggs, sausage, yogurt, fruit and oatmeal; 10:30 am: choose low-sugar snacks – yogurt; noon to 2 pm: chicken, fish containing protein, vegetables and fruitsContaining vitamins, proper nuts and olive oil are good for health; 4:30 pm: vegetable salad or apple; 5 pm to 8 pm: protein, vitamins and small amounts of food; 9 pm to 6 am: 6:00Easy to gain weight, or hold back!  A small food and more successful case: British man James Pepe eats 7 meals a day and then cooperates with a large number of sports. He loses nearly 68 kilograms in one year, almost equivalent to half of his previous weight. He was elected as the person of the British slimming competition.

It should be noted that although he eats 7 meals a day, his size is not large, and there are no junk food such as fried food.