What are the preventive measures for cirrhosis?

What are the preventive measures for cirrhosis?

We must pay attention to the disease of liver cirrhosis. I believe that everyone is familiar with cirrhosis, and it is also difficult to treat this disease. Therefore, we should take preventive measures to avoid the disease.

So what are the nursing work for cirrhosis?

1: It is difficult to change good habits and habits. It may be difficult for people who have some bad habits. However, living habits are very important for preventing liver cirrhosis. For our health, we must change some bad habits.
The first is to quit smoking and ban alcohol, which is very harmful to the liver.

In addition, smoking is harmful to human immunity.

2: Dietary health and reasonable hepatitis B virus carriers should pay attention to reasonable distribution, balanced nutrition, eat more protein and easy to digest food, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and promote the repair and regeneration of liver cells.

It should be fasted and moldy, rotten food, usually should pay attention to smoking and alcohol, appropriate exercise, enhance the body’s resistance.

3: Iron preparations should be eaten less unless there is obvious anemia after hemorrhage, otherwise patients with cirrhosis should avoid taking nutrients or minerals containing iron preparations, because iron has the effect of aggravating liver hardening.

4: Regular inspections can confirm the condition of the patient. The chronic hepatitis B virus carrier has a long course of disease. Regular testing can well understand the development of the disease.

The early symptoms of cirrhosis are very insignificant, but in the B-ultrasound examination, it will show that regular physical examination is very important for both chronic hepatitis B and cirrhosis prevention.

5: Antiviral treatment of hepatitis B virus is the root cause of liver fibrosis caused by liver damage. Only hepatitis B antiviral treatment can inhibit viral replication, thereby reducing the damage of the virus to the liver.

At present, there are many methods for antiviral therapy. The specific treatment method is determined according to the results of hepatitis B virus genotyping. In clinical, hepatitis B virus is divided into 8 subtypes and two mixed types, each of which has a treatment plan.The sensitivity of the drug is not the same.

It is recommended that before the patient is treated, it will be transformed into a complete virus genotyping test in the degraded liver disease specialist hospital. According to the results of the examination, targeted treatment will be taken to avoid drug-induced liver damage caused by random medication.