Simple and funny expressions help you transform your face

Simple and funny expressions help you transform your face

Face edema or over-contour will make MM very annoyed.

In fact, having a small face can be very simple.

The following small series will recommend some very simple and funny face-lifting exercises to help you easily shape the big pie face!

  Warm-up exercises 1. Gently close your eyes and use your head, forehead, cheeks, mouth, and chin to feel the feeling of the face.

  2, gently close your eyes, puff up your lips to the tip of the nose, this will strengthen the facial muscles, and then slowly open your eyes to restore the usual expression.

  3, forcefully hold the big eyes, the mouth forcefully suck the excess meat at both ends, which helps to straighten the line of the face.

  4, the particles a little bit of tongue, then gently bite it, then close your right eye, the expression is smiling.

  Step 1: Strengthen the elasticity of the face 1. Eyes stare at the front, tighten the facial muscles, smile at the corners of the mouth, which strengthens the muscle elasticity of the face.

  2, continue the above expression, then your eyes slightly squat, keep smiling, this action helps strengthen the facial muscles around the eyes.

  3, close your eyes, take a deep breath, then slowly count the names of the five countries, then exhale, repeat the action 5 times.

  Step 2: Beautify the face line 1, the mouth is slightly open, and the facial muscles try to tighten, so that the lines on your face are more beautiful!

  2, the mouth opened slightly, then smile, then close the mouth to restore the state without facial expression, the action repeated 5 times, each stay for 10 seconds.

  3, the expression is natural, the eyes look at the front, pay attention to the tension of the facial muscles, the action lasts 20 seconds.

  Step 3: Lose excess 姨1 on the face, weigh a little bit of tongue, bite the teeth gently, then smile and keep moving for 20 seconds.

  2, transparency a little tongue, teeth do not bite on the tongue, the heart restores the natural expression after 5 times, the action repeats 10 times.

  3, three little tongues, teeth gently bite, then smile, with the index finger of the hands and the middle finger of the abdomen abdomen smile face up, the action lasts 20 seconds.

  Step 4: Eliminate the double chin 1, the expression is natural, the teeth bite hard, the eyes squint at the front, and then the chin lifts up slightly for 30 seconds.

This action is very helpful in reducing the excess meat of the chin.

  2, the mouth is closed, then the upper teeth are pulled back, the lower teeth move forward, so that the muscles of the face are tight, the action lasts for 20 seconds.