Xiangsu scattered external injury

Xiangsu scattered external injury

Xiangsu is from the “Taiping Huimin and Agent Bureau”, which consists of Xiangfu, Perilla, Zhigancao and Chenpi.

Xiangfu and the perilla leaves match, which can not only sweat and dissolve the table, but also qi and blood; Chenpi Liqi and Humidification;

The four medicines are combined, there is aroma and evil spirits, and the qi is used to solve the problem. The whole prescription is mild, but it is slightly warm, and it is suitable for both cold and cold.

Because it can also regulate qi and stomach, it can be used for the treatment of various medical miscellaneous diseases.

  At 4 o’clock, I caught a cold and the cold was caused by wind and evil from the fur, nose and mouth invasion, evil spirits and lungs, and the illness was not harmonious.

The invasion and return of wind evils are related to the strength of the righteousness and the adjustment of the qi. Therefore, cold temperature discomfort and fatigue often become the cause of the cold, and people with weak constitution are prone to feeling sick and evil.Do not understand.

The key to treatment is to clarify the lungs, so instead of this side, the lungs are open and the wind is weak and healed.

  The wind is the longest disease, the wind and evil are often irritated at four o’clock, the wind is windy in spring, the summer is hot, the early summer is early and wet, the late autumn is dry, and the winter is cold.

Can be based on the patient’s clinical manifestations, with the certification.

Such as wind and cold, add schizone, scallion, ginger; cold and heat inside the hot plus gypsum (first fry), reed root; qi stagnation plus Bupleurum, clam shell, big belly skin; wet people add musk, magnolia,Pinellia; summers add fragrant scent, honeysuckle, forsythia; according to different symptoms of the addition and subtraction of medication, such as headaches, even more sputum, white sputum; sore throat plus platycodon, burdock, mint to facilitate pharyngeal pain.

However, this prescription is light and thin, and it is not suitable for the body to be strong and feel the cold and dampness.

  Psychosomatic diseases are also called psychophysiological disorders. Western medicine believes that this disease is caused by nervousness, fear and other emotional experiences in the central nervous system, causing extensive changes in functional metabolism.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the basic pathogenesis of the syndrome of internal injuries is the disorder of gas and the physiological function of the gas. According to this, it is considered that the gas is abundant or not, and it depends on the normal operation of the gas.

Not only the physiological function of the organs depends on the coordination of the air and the mental and emotional activities are based on the smooth movement.

  Xiangsu scattered the propaganda, opened the knot, and the boots adjusted the whole body.

Therefore, any disease that is mainly based on the qi stagnation machine (such as physical illness caused by psychological and social factors) or through the use of Xiangsu powder tailoring treatment, for diarrhea-type irritable bowel syndrome with depression, depressionPatients with anxiety and other antidepressants can receive better results.

  Digestive system disease The spleen and stomach are the hub of airlift lifting, the spleen is the main spleen, the stomach is descending, and the spleen and stomach movements are destroyed, which leads to digestive system dysfunction.

Liver qi stagnation, taking the spleen and stomach, so that the function of the body is reduced to the Secretary, the gas can not go up and down, and cause abdominal pain and fullness, bowel bloating, vomiting suffocation, stool disorders and other symptoms.

Whether or not there is a cause, qi stagnation, and poor air movement are common features.

In the course of clinical treatment, the main pathogenesis is seized and used as “pass”.

  Xiangsu scattered, fragrant attached to the liver, Shugan qi and pain, can lift the chest, the skin, so that the three coke gas; Su stalk (in the treatment of digestive diseases, can be replaced by Su stalk)The qi machine, and the stomach; the tangerine peel for the spleen and stomach to clear the essential medicine, has the ability to disperse, can dry, can diarrhea, can make up, can work with the merits, with the fragrant, Sui stalk, can both qi and stomach, but alsoLiver relieves pain and relieves pain.

It can be seen that this side has the effect of relieving qi and relieving depression, and smoothing the stomach and restoring the normal function of the spleen and stomach.

Therefore, it can cure bile reflux gastritis diagnosed by Western medicine, acute and chronic gastritis, chronic colitis, functional dyspepsia, stomach cramps and other diseases.

  According to reports, the treatment of bile reflux gastritis with this side is quite effective, such as the liver and gas can not add Bupleurum, turmeric, bergamot, etc.; partial heat plus huanglian, scorpion; wounded add Jianqu, malt, Laifuzi, etc.; vomiting plus Pinellia, fragrance, etc.; partial cold plus Wusong, aconite; Yin deficiency plus stone, Yuzhu, Ophiopogon, etc.; bloody phlegm plus yuan Hu, squid bone, SanqiWait.

  In the treatment of qi stagnation gastroenterology, because the clinical condition is often complicated and variable, it is necessary to add and subtract on the basis of syndrome differentiation, armor to improve clinical efficacy, such as Cannes stay, food can not be added to Jiao Sanxian, chickenInner gold; accompanied by obvious acid swallowing can add Zuojin pill, calcined corrugated scorpion; sputum abdominal pain is even more plus Jin Lingzi scattered, sputum gas is obviously added to the sputum and so on.

  In the use of this party, we must abide by the principle of TCM syndrome differentiation. TCM syndrome differentiation is caused by qi stagnation, qi stagnation caused by liver and stomach discomfort, abdominal distension and suffocation. Clinical manifestations: stomach cramps and abdominal distensionPain, pain and even two threats, attack and support, after eating or emotional uneasiness and aggravation, suffocation, poor stool, hi too much, thin white fur, pulse string.

  The plum nucleus of the plum nucleus is mostly caused by the stagnation of the stagnation of the liver and the pharynx and phlegm. The patient feels that the sputum of the spleen has a feeling of “can not be swallowed, spit out”, and often sees chest tightness.A series of symptoms such as poor qi, disgusting nausea.

According to reports, the initial addition of white peony, turmeric, orange collateral, and green peony treatment is better.

  Various pathogenic factors of gynecological diseases can lead to dysfunction of viscera and qi and blood disorders. If it affects Chongren, cell, venous, and cytoplasmic, there will be consequences, resulting in gynecological diseases.

Dirty dysfunction, blood gas imbalance is one of the important mechanisms of gynecological diseases.

Women are “blood-based”, because menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding are all used for blood, blood gas is mutual capital and interdependent.

  The first cold of pregnancy should be considered to give Xiangsu San, because of the role of sputum and vomiting, and fetus.

Pregnancy dysfunction can be used with Xiangsu powder and small Pinellia sputum soup, take its qi, and combine with fetus and phlegm.

“Materia Medica” contains “the fragrant scent is very strong, the aroma is quite strong, all of them are used in qi, so the special treatment of qi is sick.

“The Compendium of Materia Medica” is attached to the scent: “There is ginseng, the surgery is qi, the return is, the ground is blood, the wood scent is stagnant and medium, the sandalwood is qi and spleen, the agarwood is lifted and scented.The three ridges, the sputum technique will kill the blocks, and the leaves will cure the blood and warm the uterus.

The head of the gas disease department, the head of the female department also.

“It can be seen that Xiangsu has a qi and phlegm, collaterals to stop bleeding, qi and blood flow, and the role of rushing can be used to treat various blood diseases in obstetrics and gynecology, such as uterine bleeding, irregular menstruation, postpartum lochia,Postpartum abdominal pain, accumulation of symptoms, infertility is a stagnation of the palace, qi stagnation and blood stasis, double collaterals.