[Can babies eat beans?]_ Bean beans_Baby_Can I eat

[Can babies eat beans?]_ Bean beans_Baby_Can I eat

Parents must pay attention to comprehensively supplement the nutrition required by the baby’s body, because the baby’s body is in a stage of rapid growth. At this time, the body needs a lot of nutritional supplements to promote the overall development of the intellectual body.

Beans also contain a lot of nutrients, for example, beans are crude fiber foods, which can promote gastrointestinal digestion.

However, there are certain contraindications to eating beans, so can babies eat them?

Can babies eat cowpeas? Baby can eat cowpeas. The nutritional elements are very rich. Baby can eat cowpeas, which can supplement nutritional elements, promote the healthy development of the body, strengthen the body, and improve physical fitness.

A better way for parents to eat cowpea is to add cowpea to porridge for food that your baby can eat and digest.

2 The benefits of eating cowpea 1. Cowpea is rich in phospholipids. Baby eating cowpea can supplement phospholipids, enhance brain function, improve memory, and improve brain health.

Beans are rich in iron. Baby eating cowpea can supplement iron, promote healthy skin development, protect the skin, and help to develop smooth and delicate skin.

2. The protein contained in cowpea is plant protein, which belongs to high-quality protein. The baby’s body is underdeveloped and germs are easy to invade. The baby eats cowpea and supplements high-quality protein to promote the body’s absorption and digestion of high-quality protein, improve the body’s immunity, and enhance resistance.Effectively resist the invasion of germs.

3. Cowpea is rich in potassium. 145 mg of potassium per 100 grams of cowpea. Baby eat cowpea and supplement potassium, which can promote the healthy development of bones and teeth, protect the health of bones and gums, and maintain the acid and alkali in the body.balance.
4. Cowpea is rich in vitamin C. Every 100 grams of cowpea contains 18 mg of vitamin C. If your baby eats cowpea, you can supplement vitamin C, promote the metabolism in the body, promote the healthy development of the skin, protect the brain and nervous system, and promote the brain andThe healthy development of the nervous system can promote the body’s absorption of iron, calcium and folic acid, protect the liver, enhance detoxification, improve appetite, increase appetite, and promote the development of good habits of love to eat.

3Baby how to choose cowpea 1, high-quality cowpea: extended length, uniform size and thickness, feeling fuller, multiple transparent and bright colors, but also with gloss.

2. Inferior cowpea: the size and thickness are not uniform or too fine, the surface color is dim, and it may have cracks, wrinkled skin or worm eyes, without seeds inside, and looks very dry.

Before eating cowpea, pay attention to distinguishing and selecting good and bad cowpeas according to the above characteristics.

4 Precautions for eating cowpea 1. Cowpea cannot be eaten raw: cowpea has hemolysin and toxic protein. These two substances are toxic and can be destroyed by cooking. Raw eating can cause vomiting or diarrhea.Cook the cowpea with water first, drain the water, and let it cool to make a cold dish.

2. Pay attention to controlling the amount of cowpea: Although cowpea is rich in nutrition, you should not eat too much glutton when eating cowpea, otherwise it will easily cause local swelling and cause indigestion.