[What oil is used for fried bean paste filling]_ production method _ raw materials

[What oil is used for fried bean paste filling]_ production method _ raw materials

The red bean paste is mainly used for making red bean paste. The texture of the red bean paste is very good. It can attract our appetite when placed in the bun.Or corn oil so that the red bean paste is not too dry.

Let ‘s learn how to make red bean paste, so that everyone can make delicious bean paste bags.

What kind of oil is used for fried red bean paste, 500 grams of red beans, 250 grams of brown sugar, a spoonful of vegetable oil, or corn oil.

Second, the practice of red bean paste Step 1 Prepare raw materials.

2 Soak the red adzuki beans in cold water overnight (you can put them in the refrigerator if the weather is hot now).

3 Put the soaked red beans into the pressure cooker, and pour water into the red beans for a little more than one knuckle.

4 Cover the pot with a valve, cook the red beans over high heat and turn to medium high pressure for 30 minutes.

5 After cooking, almost the water is gone.

6 Prepare a pot of water.

7 Put the drain net on the edge of the basin, put the cooked red beans, hold the drain net with your left hand, rub the red beans with your right hand, and the bean paste will leak into the water.

8 Bean skin remaining after filtering.

9 Mix the red bean paste and water after rubbing all the red beans.

10 Take a piece of gauze (if possible, use two or three pieces of gauze) and place it in the drain net, and place a water container underneath.

11 Pour the mixture of bean paste and water onto the gauze in portions and filter the water.

12 Lift the gauze bag and twist the water with your hands.

13 After filtering the red bean paste, there is almost no water.

14 Pour a spoonful of vegetable oil in an enamel pot or stainless steel pot. After the oil is hot, pour the bean paste and a portion of brown sugar and stir-fry.

15 kept on the minimum fire constantly stir fry (to test the endurance), add brown sugar powder three times and stir fry until the moisture of the red bean paste has evaporated, some sticky.

(I feel nervous when I stir).

16 Cool the fried bean paste in a sealed container and put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate.