[Authentic practice of hand-pepper chicken]麻 麻 _How to do_How to do

[Authentic practice of hand-pepper chicken]麻 麻 _How to do_How to do

The hand-squeezed pepper and hemp chicken tastes relatively heavy, but it tastes really good, and it is fragrant and spicy, which is very popular.

The key to authentic hand-pepped chicken is to make the seasoning, especially the pepper oil is very important. Wet the pepper before frying the pepper oil, and then it will not be easy to fry the lake when it is lowered to high temperature oil.the taste of.

Ingredients: One Chai chicken, cook with onion, ginger, garlic and enough water.

Seasoning: a spoonful of pepper noodles (fried peppers, cooked into noodles), pepper oil (soak a spoonful of peppers with the same amount of warm water, and then fry with 90% hot fry), onions, garlic, dried peppers, chicken soupA small bowl, salt, soup, raw soy sauce, side dishes: one onion, one pepper, a small handful of parsley, garlic and chopped green onions, add all the seasonings to the chicken soup, stir well to make a pepper and sesame paste.

The chicken was torn into pieces.

Cut onion, pepper, and parsley into small pieces.

Add the side dishes to the chicken and stir well.

Drizzle and stir well!

Tip: The most important thing in the seasoning of pepper and hemp chicken is the production of pepper oil. Because the oil temperature is not easy to grasp, the pepper is easy to fry. After soaking the pepper, it will be fried at high temperature.Hemp taste of peppercorns.

It is recommended to make pepper oil a few hours in advance, the taste will be stronger ~~ Tips Choosing Chai Chicken for this dish will taste better ~~ The key to making it delicious is the seasoning?
This pepper and hemp chicken is more heavy, and it is more suitable for friends who can eat spicy food.